Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning

Valley Plumbing and Drain CleaningWhen it comes to doing plumbing repairs in the home, many people try to tackle jobs that simply more involved than they first appear. The end result is that you wind up needing professional help to repair the original problem as well as all the other damage caused by the trouble. Here are a few plumbing jobs that should be left to the Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning professionals.

Installing a toilet might seem like an easy weekend project that you could tackle with no real issues. Many local home centers have a large variety of toilets on the shelves ready to be installed. Although the process is fairly straight forward, if the toilet is not perfected seated on that seal, you run the risk of a leak that can cause significant damage down the road. When a toilet is installed on a second floor, the dangers are even more significant when a leak occurs. When the seal is not installed properly, each time the toilet flushes water will travel down into the floorboards and work its way to the lowest point.

Depending on how often the toilet is flushed, that water drips and dries day after day. Once that moisture is too abundant to dry, mold and bacteria begin to grow. The last thing you need in the home is black mold growing, but it thrives in the moist and warm location between floors. Usually the only way that you can detect a problem is when you start seeing a stain appear on the ceiling. By this time the majority of the damage is done and you will need more than a plumber to repair the problem.

Another weekend project many homeowners try to take on themselves is unclogging a drain. When the water begins to back up in the home, the first choice is always the liquid drain cleaners. Those chemicals in the solution can actually cause damage to the pipes over time. many people rent the power snakes and try to unclog the drain that way. Where the problems occur is many people do not understand how to operate that snake correctly. Pushing too hard on the snake can cause the tip to break off, or become lodged inside a curved portion of the pipes.

Once the snake is broken or stuck, you will have to reach out to the Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning experts to help you to clean the clog and remove the broken equipment. The snake can cause significant damage to the inside of the pipes if not operated correctly. For this reason and more, it is always best to leave these types of plumbing repairs to the professionals who can get the job repaired quickly and efficiently.