Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, Company Overview

03Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is a outdoor lighting company specializing in backyard, patio and garden lighting. The company has a wide variety of different locations and is located in the following locations respectively, listing is not comprehensive: Alabama, 9028 Eagle Valley Lane, Birmingham 35242, Arizona, 1928 E. Highland Avenue, Suite F 104, Phoenix 85016, Colorado, 4301 S. Federal Blvd., Suite 115, Englewood 80110, Connecticut, 507 E. Main Street, Mt. Kisco, 10549, Florida, 3360 Lake Shore Lane, Clearwater 33761.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has a similarly wide selection of outdoor lighting for any home with the ethos that there should not be any such thing as cookie cutter lighting. Their lights focus on both providing suitable illumination that makes your yard safer to traverse at night but also strive to improve what they term, your home’s “curb appeal”. In short, it will boost both safety and aesthetic draw for both you and your neighbors.

Their first line of products focuses on low voltage outdoor lighting with a big focus on LED lighting. Their second line focuses on outdoor path lighting. Next is landscape lighting with a special keenness on making your nighttime patio or garden look just as good at night as it does in the daytime. The company also specializes in a wide array of temporary holiday lighting which can be installed temporarily in place of their standardized LED light fixtures and then replaced once the holiday or holidays have passed.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives utilizes, not only a wide range of lights, but also a wide range of light fixtures. They stick firmly to the philosophy that lights are only as good as the fixtures into which they are placed. A beautiful array of LED lights will be nearly useless to the eyes with out good and eye catching yard and wall, ceiling or rail mounted fixtures. Their line of high quality light fixtures includes but is not limited to, the classical and very stylish Avalon, several different sizes of high resistance LED lighting molds, the CABO Tiki light mount (which is perfect for outdoor deck lighting), the Art Deco styled Sarasota umbrella light pole and the chic and extravagant Key West light fixture.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been in business since 1995 and has at present installed more than 100,000 different lighting fixtures all across the United States of America. Not only do they install and maintain your system they will also personally design, taking every cue and suggestion you throw your way (it is your house after all).