Best Italian Dishes

Best Italian DishesItalian cuisine can find its roots as far back as fourth century B.C. There are traces of the ancient Roman, Greek and Etruscan influences in the cuisine. Changes occurred in the cuisine in the 18th century with the introduction of bell peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and maize. Italian food is known for its diversity, simplicity, with each dish having as less as 4 to 8 ingredients and the difference in taste in the same food. It is also one of the most popular cuisines in the world.

The cuisine relies on quality more than quantity and uses wine and cheese majorly. Here is a description of the ten best Italian dishes that are popular throughout the world –

1. Chicken Parmigiana – Chicken Parmigiana is a variation of the classical Parmigiana, also known as the one that has a fried filling that is layered with tomato sauce and cheese, and then baked at moderate temperature. While some variations include sliced chicken that is dipped in eggs, dredged in breadcrumbs and then fried, others prefer using parmesan cheese for filling.

2. Fettuccine Alfredo – The creamy Alfredo sauce is a popular sauce that sticks to fettuccine, a wide pasta. You can find the best fettuccine Alfredo at a genuine Italian Restaurant. The pasta is tossed with butter and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. The sauce was popularized by Afredo di Leliio and thus the name Alfredo, for the sauce, stuck.

3. Lasagna – This is a classical dish that is a reflection of the chef cooking it. Some of the best found lasagnas are home-made. The dish can have sausage, ground beef, parmesan, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses.

4. Clam Sauce Linguine – The best clam sauces are those made using oil, garlic and clams. The dish using very few ingredients – oil, garlic, clams, wine, water and linguine. The taste of the dish is enhanced using oregano or parsley and a Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. You can find a good dish in a good Italian Restaurant.

5. Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce – This is an old mainstay in all Italian households. The dish is inexpensive and simple, and the chef gets various options to add to the dish. These may include broccoli, sausages, mushrooms, meatballs or ground beef. Another advantage is that it can be cooked quickly.

6. Risotto – The basic risotto is a rice dish very common in parts of Northern Italy, especially in the regions of Veneto and Lombardia. The basic dish is cooked to a creamy consistency in a vegetable, fish or meat broth and may contain wine, butter and onion. It is served as a first course. There are many varieties of risotto such as Risotto al la Milanese, risotto al Barolo and others.

7. Pizza – Who does not know of the famous pizza that is Italy’s gift to the world? It contains a base that may be topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, olives, various vegetables, bell peppers, mushrooms and others. Focaccia is a basic pizza that is served as an appetizer along with prosciutto.

8. Gnocchi – This is a thick and soft pasta that is made using either wheat flour, semolina or all purpose flour and eggs. It also includes potatoes, cheese and breadcrumbs. The recipe for gnocchi varies from one region to another, like all other Italian dishes. The dish is served as first course instead of pasta or soup.

9. Minestrone – This popular soup is made using vegetables and cooked with rice or pasta. Some of the common ingredients used in cooking minestrone soup include tomatoes, onion, beans, carrot, stock and celery. There is no specific recipe for cooking minestrone. It can be vegetarian and cooked in a meat broth or contain pieces of meat also.

10. Biscotti Tortoni – It would not be right to talk of the best Italian dishes without mentioning Biscotti Tortoni, the famous Italian ice-cream. The dessert is made using heavy cream and eggs. It may also include crumbled macaroons, minced almonds, cherries and others.

Whether it is gelato, the Italian version of ice-cream, Tiramisu, a popular dessert, risotto, cannoli or spaghetti, the origin of all these dishes is in Italy. The country has given so much by way of food to the world. Some of the best dishes originate from Italy and are a staple in many households.