How To Get Effective Mosquito Control

mosquito-pestMosquitos are more than just a nascence to men and beasts. They are dangerous pests that can spread germs that lead to serious illness and even death. Plus their bites hurt, cause skin irritations, allergic reactions, leave makes on the skin, and they can ruin an outdoor gathering. That’s why people call in mosquito control professionals like the Mosquito Squad. They know they offer many new and very effective methods to keep these pests under control.

There are around 200 different species of mosquitos in the United States. When any of those mosquitos bite their victims, their saliva causes itching, red bumps, and can transmit diseases including dengue fever, malaria, and a number of types of encephalitis to humans. This includes the West Nile virus. They can also spread diseases like eastern equine encephalitis, heart worms, and West Nile virus to pets and livestock.

The best way to control mosquitos is to kill them or not give them a place to lay their eggs. To do this you should remove all uncovered standing water in buckets, old tires, rain gutters, plastic covers, bird baths, rain barrels, wading pools, and tarpaulins. An experienced pest control professional can also be very helpful. They know many ways to keep mosquitos in check. They even have several natural mosquito control methods they can use to keep your yard mosquitoes free. They can help enable you to safely and comfortably use your outdoor space any time you want without fear of encountering dangerous mosquito species like the Asian tiger mosquito.

An experienced mosquito control specialist can destroy water-filled mosquito habitats. This is vital, because water is necessary for two stages of the cycle of life. They can also give you valuable tips for protecting yourself and your loved ones from exposure to mosquitos. They can recommend repellents and show you the most effective way to use them, and suggest the types of clothing you can wear to keep mosquitos at bay. This includes things like head nets, long pants, and long sleeved shirts, and putting netting over baby beds and carriers.

The use of larvicides to kill young mosquitos before they mature and disperse is a very effective mosquito control method as are bacterial insecticides, insect growth inhibitors, organophosphate insecticides, oils, and films. A mosquito control professional can use those along with adulticides and sprayers. They can also use
synthetic pyrethroids, mosquito misting systems, natural mosquito control products, and much more.

Used properly these products and systems can make your mosquito infestation problems a thing of the past and allow you to use the outdoor areas of you home year round. If you have mosquito problems, call a mosquito control professional like the Mosquito Squad.