Finding All the Security Measures You Need

Finding All the Security Measures You NeedWhen it comes to protecting your home and your family it is always important to take all measures possible in doing so. But what measures are out there for protecting your home and family? There can be an overwhelming amount of products and services out there, to help narrow all the possibilities here is our list of ten security measures that you should consider:

  1. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors- It is important to have a smoke detector on each level of your home and also to have one in each bedroom. Test these detectors frequently and always ensure that the batteries are operational. With monoxide detectors they are usually plugged into the wall, but you should still test them. A carbon monoxide detector should be on each level of the home, especially near bedrooms and near the furnace.
  2. Alarm System- An alarm system can not only deter burglars but also notify the police if a break in is suspected. An alarm system can also be used to detect fires and notify the fire department. In an event of an injury an alarm system can also notify emergency personal. With there are multiple reasons to use an alarm system and be able to do on a budget.
  3. Lighting- Have the exterior of your home have lights that are able to light up dark areas of the property as well as any walkways for safety. Install motion detecting flood lights to further deter any break-ins from happening. With interior lights make accessible night lights in hallways, especially in the space between bedrooms and bathrooms for safety. When a light bulb goes out promptly change it, keep a few extra bulbs in home storage.
  4. Identity Protection-With an increasingly digital world it is important to safeguard your identity. Be careful of your online transactions and be sure the shred any mail or documents that your personal information can be taken from.
  5. Locks- Install deadbolts on outside doors and keep track on the possession of your doors. At all times keep your doors locked, don’t forget to lock the door between the garage and the house as well.
  6. Safety Glass- Install safety glass on your windows to help deter and slow down burglaries. Safety glass should be on any window that can be accessed from the outside.
  7. Defense- Know how to defend yourself, whether it is knowing the basics of self-defense or with a weapon if comfortable. If you do decide on a firearm for a weapon be sure to know the safe way to use it with firearm classes, as well as keep it out of reach from children. Teach your children the dangers of firearms. Other defense items can be mace, a baseball bat or a dog.
  8. Emergency Kits- Keep an emergency kit inside your car as well as your home. Include food and water for the entire family, pets included to be able to last a few days at least. Also have flashlights, batteries, rope, first aid kit, change of clothes and blankets.
  9. Escape Routes- In case of an emergency know the best way out of your home and have a meeting spot for the family to meet. Practice this at least twice a year to have routine in place.
  10. Ongoing Knowledge- Keep informed on the different resources and services available to protect your home and family.