Cleaning Your Yard Furniture

Cleaning Your Yard FurnitureWhen you are doing a barbecue or an afternoon tea party, you will naturally pick your garden as the venue. This setting provides a relaxing atmosphere where you can have small talk laugh out loud and enjoy yourselves. There is also a cool breeze to reckon with. The green surroundings give garden parties the feeling of being in touch with nature. Unfortunately, garden furniture gets dirty. You cannot host your guests under such settings meaning you will have to clean the furniture first. Regardless of whether your furniture is made of wood, metal or plastic, there are basic steps that you can follow.

You will find the cleaning tips below to be quite useful:

Wooden garden furniture

Using a brush or vacuum cleaner, remove the loose debris first. Alternatively, use a wet rug to remove dust. When scrubbing wooden surfaces, look out for how the wood grain flows. Scrub in that direction. For furniture that is made from hard wood, the direction of scrubbing does not matter. Once you are done with basic cleaning, go for a second round using detergent. Leave the furniture to dry before sanding down the rough ridges. You can then add a fresh coat of paint or varnish.

Wicker furniture

There are two types of wicker furniture, that which is made from naturally occurring material and the synthetic type. Begin by scrubbing the furniture using a wet sponge or rug. Be careful so as not to chip paint on natural wicker furniture that has been painted. Synthetic types can withstand intense scrubbing. You can also clean wicker by spraying them with water from a hose pipe. Once it dries up, consider repainting it in order to reclaim its glory. As for synthetic wicker garden furniture, there is no need to paint it.

Metallic garden furniture

Cleaning metal furniture follows a similar procedure as other types highlighted above. As you clean, look out for areas that are showing signs of rust. In case you spot traces of rust, rub the area with sandpaper before adding a dash of paint. You can repaint metal furniture yourself or hire a professional cleaner to use a process known as powder coating. There is no need for a primer unless the old paint has peeled off badly.

Furniture fabrics

Cushions are the commonest type of outdoor garden fabrics. The covering material could be acrylic, wool or cotton. The easiest way to clean fabrics is by following the set of instructions on the manufacturer’s tag. Once you are done, you should lay your canvas to dry. If the fabric is removable, remember to put it back while it is still damp. This enables it to stretch and fit into its original place. You can also clean removable fabrics using a machine.

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