Benefits of a Manufactured Home

Benefits of a Manufactured HomeIt is that exciting time when you are ready to find your perfect house! I’m not sure about you, but when that time comes for my husband and I, I’m sure we are going to be stoked. Something really important to do when getting your perfect house is to go for your type. Everyone has a different personality so look for a home which fits your particular style and that you can make your own. This is where I’d like to pause for a few minutes. There are tons of different types of homes. Some different types of homes include: condos, townhomes, single family homes, mansions, split level homes, duplexes, trailers, or even manufactured homes. I would like to focus on one of these types, manufactured homes. So what is that? It is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It is a house that is prefabricated in a factory and then placed somewhere as living quarters. They are usually at least 320 square feet and can be moved on a whim. They can have a single section, or provide multiple sections within the dwelling unit. One of their major selling points is that it is affordable housing. If you opt for the high performance manufactured home you will enjoy energy efficiency, and a home that is both attractive and functional.

According to an article I came across, approximately 17 million Americans live in this type of housing so that leads me to believe there is something positive about it. That being said, what are some advantages or benefits of having a manufactured home? First, manufactured homes are affordable. According to the US Census Bureau the average cost of a manufactured home is $62,600 compared to the average single family site built home being $272,200. That’s pretty affordable if you ask me! Second, manufactured homes let you have control over the building process. Keep in mind that these types of home are built in factories so they have strict rules and regulations that have to be followed. They are built on assembly lines so there’s little room for error which can give peace of mind. Third, manufactured homes don’t take a long time to create. On average, it takes about 1/3 the time to make then your traditional single family site built home. They are still inspected and checked thoroughly so don’t think for one minute the craftsmanship is compromised by the speed.

Fourth, manufactured homes offer design flexibility. You have the option of having porches, garages, decks, vaulted ceilings, and sometimes the option of more than one story. Before you think these are inferior to a traditional single family home consider that you can get a manufactured home that is anywhere from 2,000-5,000 square feet, has stainless steel appliances, hardwood flooring and even granite countertops if your heart desires. A great company that provides manufactured home is Brewers Quality Homes. They have been providing manufactured homes to individuals living in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas for 40 years. They have some great options, all at affordable prices so give them a call today and see what your new home could look like.