4-Day Weekend Review on Sezio

Photo by Chadwick Gantes

Photo by Chadwick Gantes

Hello, hi. Sorry I’ve been so underwater lately. (I wish I was underwater, like really underwater, e.g. the Pacific, a blue swimming pool, hell I’d even take a cold lake. But I’m not complaining, honest. I guess there’s a lot of worse connotations for being underwater, e.g. drowned in a shipwreck, fallen in a huge puddle, soaked by intrepid rainfall. I’ve got little to complain about: January in the Bay has been more than perfect. Full sun and the whole works. Corduroy blazer, don’t even bother with a second layer. Taylor told me that we’re having record-breaking highs here in California, while New York is having record lows. To which I responded, “Look who’s winning.” To which she responded, “The future is winning,” at which I laughed, until she told me that that was the title of Tuesday’s State of the Union address as well as her current Facebook status update, which apparently a lot of people are liking. I don’t think I am one of those people, but only because her updates rarely appear on my feed anymore. Maybe Facebook knows we’re roommates and is trying to give us some space. You know, so we have something to talk about at the dinner table. I would thank Mark Zuckerburg for that, but since I saw the Social Network movie, I am a little uncertain of what he’s all about. Sure, I know the movie is party fictional and that his character was totally re-written for the film. Oh, you didn’t know this? Weird. Well, let’s just say that I know somebody who knows Mark Zuckerburg. Zuckerberg? Which is it? Anyhow, it’s probably all in the TIME article that you’re seeing all over news stands, the one with his huge homely face, plain as could be. His face really isn’t huge, I know, but there’s just no breathing room on that page. The angle is all wrong and the red text of TIME really doesn’t help with complexion, etc. But really, I’ve got nothing against M.Z. So, thanks Mark, for keeping Taylor’s news out of my feed, so that we can maintain a healthy balance in our shared apartment. But getting back to the State of the Union: the future is winning? Really? No offense to anyone out there, I mean this as non-partisan as possible, but Obama is starting to sound like a real Republican. I’m pretty sure he pulled that straight out of the GOP playbook for the ambiguously hopeful. Which is fine, and important in its own right. I guess this is coming from the guy that gave us HOPE. Maybe I can’t understand it because Shepard Fairey hasn’t made the poster yet. I imagine the Millennium Falcon flying above Obama’s profile, a bunch of teachers and cole miners at the cockpit. But honestly, I don’t mean anything by any of this. Don’t listen to me. One man’s speech title is another woman’s propaganda science fiction film. Anyhow, all I was trying to say is that the weather has been really nice over here, and that I’m sorry for my friends Erin & Jake who were visiting from New York a few weeks ago when it was shit cold–for us, anyway–and of course now when they’re back in NY it’s so dreamy here and rotten there, etc.)

But of course, I’ve not actually been underwater. School has started up and I am       g e t t i n g  t h i n g s  d o n e . Like, making so many TO-DO lists and crossing things off daily. I won’t bore you with anymore details. I’m sorry. The whole reason I got on here was to self-promote for a little review I did of Writer and Dominant Legs for Sezio’s 4-Day Weekend back in November. Click on that link and you will go to there.

In other news, I just read Persepolis and really loved it. (WordPress spell-check wants to correct Persepolis to Presupposes. Stoops.) Speaking of things I just found out via Taylor (all en route from Trader Joe’s tonight), apparently it has also been made into a movie. I would like to see this movie, but Netflix does not have it on instantqueue, which is a real bummer since I am “borrowing” my mom’s password. But who knows what the future will hold, since apparently it is winning.

My New Favorite Song

(Thanks to Mmmmmegan Mmmmmalone! Well, Megan Malone Gilbert, but if she was a ball player, she’d have to drop the Gilby because Megan Malone sounds way more fly when you’re coming out of the high-five tunnel.)


Also, Go Lakers! (Lakers vs. Kings : 7:30 tonight, which I will not be able to watch because I’ll be at Arizmendi’s in the Mission (1268 Valencia St), reading about food with a bunch of cool folk. Technically, I am not reading about food, but about beer, and it is short, and there will be pizza. If any of this sounds good to you, then yes, please attend Tastes Better Than Mom’s Pie at 6:30).

Double Trouble / End of Days!

(The Bros Ralph @ 4 Day Weekend, photo by Zack Nielsen)

(The Bros Ralph @ 4 Day Weekend, photo by Zack Nielsen)


My buddies The Donkeys are coming to town this Sunday, playing with Casiotone for the Painfully Alone for his FINAL CALIFORNIA SHOW! The answer is yes and the location is Bottom of the Hill (9pm, $12). Watch this to whet appetites etc, or read more on Sezio.

Look Ma, No Hands


Oh, infinite love for people and their discipline

Oh, infinite haste and desire

Oh, to love without one eye on the door

I ride my bike and the sky is marbled blue and white, hemmed by blushing trees. It is autumn and we are all cold because we live on the California coast and our houses do not insulate us and our rent is so high we cannot afford to pay for heat, so instead we go out and pay for other things to make us forget how very cold we are at home. But while we are out, we are reminded of how nice it is to live here because the trees are turning and the sky is crystalline and crisp and you could break it over a knee if you wanted, never mind if that makes no sense. I ride with no hands, which also doesn’t make sense because of course I have hands, they are just not on the handles. They are in my pockets or enveloping fists pressed to where my open mouth breaths hot air into the small creases of my palms. I ride with my hands in either of these positions and think about this summer and that guy riding along 28th who did a drum solo for the whole length of the park. I think of Kim power-riding down B Street in secret competition and how Joel spied her from the corner. I think of what Angella said about how, when I ride with no hands, I summon the zeitgeist, which is spirit of the times, which is really just the spirit at present. And yes, I want this spirit. Perhaps that sounds insincere, but I do.

I think about this weekend in Bakersfield and how I prayed with my parents before I left for my new home, cold as it is. I felt funny at first, speaking aloud my intentions and desires into the open space above our breakfast dishes. But as the words were released, I thought about how beautiful they sounded floating above that table, rising above the kitchen and soon the house, and I wanted them so badly to be heard. Throughout the day, they remained, and continued to rise. Floating above the interstate as I drove north, and floating above San Francisco as I drank so many beers with my classmates the following night, sitting next to the girl who wrote about religion that one time, and who rolls her eyes in a good way when I’ve mentioned the complicities of faith. Because we drank so many beers and because my words to the Holy Spirit were still floating along the Western United States, I asked her what kind of faith she has now and if she feels a touchtone for it at all. We talked about the fear of God and how difficult that is to shake. I talked about love and what I love about Jesus is that he is wise and loving, if often misunderstood. She said even Nitchze likes Jesus and I said Salinger did too. And I don’t remember what else we said, but I am certain that I rambled on about the best parts of the Christian faith like I do when I get drunk, because there is still much reckoning to do, if only to correspond words and spirit, habits and intention. Never mind that this is as tangled as my syntax. In the meantime, you’ll find me en route, handsfree: words floating overhead, wheels spinning underfoot.

Writer in the Bay, duh

(The Bros Ralph @ 4 Day Weekend, photo by Zack Nielsen)

(The Bros Ralph @ 4 Day Weekend, photo by Zack Nielsen)

Hey fools (please don’t take that personally, ImsorryImsorry it’s early and I’m on cupofcoffeenumbertwo) my buddies, the always-endearing brothers Ralph otherwise known as Writer, are cruising to the bay this week, playing at WE Artspace in Oakland & El Rio in the city, so be sure to catch one (if not both?) of those shows. Check out their myspace for some tunes and videos and other niceties.

In other news, I did eight push-ups this morning.